Updates developed for the extensive nutrition and exercise management platform Body Morph. Changes include creating user stat tracking towards designated goals, site specific achievements, a user profile dashboard and overview, and greatly streamlining user registration.

Lachlan did a fantastic job developing my site. He went above and beyond to understand the ideas, themes and functions that I had imagined and bring them to reality. He was quick to work around issues as they popped up (issues stemming from lack of planning from myself or functionalities that were quite advanced) and kept up a great line of communication with me so I could stay informed the whole way through the project. Would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a web developer that can handle big tasks and offer quality web solutions.


The foundation of the Body Morph website was built with CodeIgniter. Large scale modification have been made to this framework to allow registered users access to all their stored recordings and previous activity.


All previously developed form submissions on Body Morph were handled with JavaScript instead of PHP. I altered these existing methods to also process the data with PHP for secure information as relying only on JavaScript is a security issue.

All of the updates I have developed have replicated this heavy front end processing as per the client's request. This is to maintain a consistent user experience throughout the site.