Dracakis Jewellers is an online merchant that sells a variety of jewellery and accessories from many different manufacturers and sources. This site needs to integrate large amounts of data from product manufacturers into its inventory automatically on a regular basis.

The Brief

  • Convert various external product feeds with proprietary formats to a comparable structure silently on the back end of the site.
  • Reference converted product feed to manage and maintain inventory for sale on the site.
  • Maintain site's complex product variation structure that allows customers to select a type of metal / stone and size for the desired product.

In general, the product manufacturers follow the Google Products format when providing and endpoint for third party retailers to access their data. However, each manufacturer differs on how they provide the very specific details for each product. These details could include metal weight, total carat weight, diamond quality, diamond cut, etc.

All of these data points need to be organised in a way that can then be handled by the product database on Dracakis, then imported to the front end to control the inventory.

The Solution

I developed a custom tool that can handle product feed endpoints from various manufacturers that Dracakis sells products from. This tool outputs one XML structure per manufacturer with accurate product details and variations.

This generated XML structure can the be imported directly to the product inventory on Dracakis using a tool called WP All Import. The desired product variation hierarchy is outlined within the XML document itself which allows for as little complexity as possible during the front end import.

To automate this process, the XML content is referenced against the product feeds at a regular interval that is handled by a CRON job. Shortly after the CRON job finishes the front end import process is automatically triggered from within WordPress and writes the up to date XML structure.