James Law is a team of compensation lawyers located near the heart of Brisbane. I was provided with a static design document and developed a completely new WordPress theme to accommodate large changes in the how their content was being displayed and the site's mobile capabilities.

The Brief

  • Create a brand new WordPress theme that natively supports their branding specifications with an adaptive mobile layout and interface.
  • Develop a blog like interface that will display James Law's stories from previous clientele and will allow any articles to be posted on the site. This blog hub needs completely fluid control over any categories relating to the articles. Administrators also need to control which articles are more important than others.
  • Allow for complex and varied styling of content on the homepage in each panel while still being easy to manage this content through the CMS.
  • Meet legal specifications before allowing visitors to view previous client stories on the site. Visitors must confirm that they are interested in learning more about legal rights before viewing this content.
  • Create a short questionnaire about a visitor's legal claim that will lead visitors directly to relevant articles. Questionnaire destinations should be customiseable by an administrator through the back end.

The Solution

A brand new, custom WordPress theme is the best way to get exactly what you want out of a website. As such, James Law now have an excellent and very specific online presence with their custom WordPress theme. Within this new theme, a very straight forward mobile interface was developed so all of the site's content is easily accessible on any device.

A key aspect of this theme development was creating the desired complexity on the front end while making this complexity manageable by anyone on the back end. Advanced Custom Fields was implemented to maintain complex data structures through the CMS, then easily reference and transition that data to the front end where desired.

A questionnaire was added to the homepage of this site to help direct users to nested articles that are similar to the visitor's legal case. Each of these articles has a prominent call to action, and because the content is relevant to the visitor this tangibly increases the conversion rate from visitors to clients. Through the CMS the destination of the questionnaire paths can be specified and changed over time to more relevant articles.