Peter Searle owns his own independent house design company. This site is the business' blog, online portfolio, and point of contact. Front end and SEO improvements have been made to refine the targeted audience.

I was very impressed with Lachlan and he showed me a few areas for SEO improvement, he updated my homepage of the site to better target and many more changes.

The Brief

  • Update the existing content on the site to improve SEO for specific phrases relevant to the business.
  • Present visitors with the business' previous endorsements and achievements.
  • Monitor and report on search trends within the business' reach. Use this information when creating content for blog posts and portfolio items.

Before developments started, the client had previously run an ad campaign that was not as successful as anticipated. So there was an emphasis on SEO and traffic improvements to the site.

The Solution

Peter Searle Design featured some stunning images of the house that the business has previous created and developed. However the images' surrounding information was very poorly optimised on the site. I greatly improved the associated information which allowed these high quality images to propagate in any search engine's image search. Search results for these images drastically improved and these images can now be seen in the first few results by searching for house designs in their associated suburb.

The content of the homepage, blog posts, and portfolio items was modified so the site as a whole would be related to House Design. This phrase is very meaningful for the business' traffic and activity on the site doubled after the existing content was re-structured.

The business has won achievements in its field in the past. The homepage was updated to visually emphasise the all the business' previous accolades along with glowing testimonials from previous clients.

Phrases relevant to the business are being monitored ongoing. The client is provided with a regular report and changes are made to the content of the site based on these results.