A light weight website developed for an up and coming law practise founded by Janeen Smithson. This site is aimed at advertising Smithson Lawyers' contact information and services while promoting the Smithson Lawyers' company brand.

Lachlan developed and designed my business website. I found his services to be very professional. I was happy with the end product and found that Lachlan had a clear understanding and was able to implement the type of website needed for my business. The website was up and running quickly and within budget. I would recommend Lachlan's services.

The Brief

  • Build a brand new, light weight, responsive website with a straight forward CMS to manage the site's blog posts and contact information.
  • Create prominent CTAs throughout the content of the site. Promote contact from visitors through email or the business' phone number. All email enquiries submitted from the site's form should have an associated category.
  • Display a large volume of information for each of the firm's services on one page. Visitor should be able to easily navigate directly to the specific information that is relevant to their situation.

The Solution

To meet the client's requirement of a very responsive website, this site was built on Bootstrap which keeps page load times to an absolute minimum and requires no massive computational work horse on the server to maintain this responsiveness.

The custom content management system is simple and straightforward. The back end allows any appointed admin to make blog posts to the Publications page and modify the contact information for the form and any CTAs throughout the site. After an admin creates a Publication post, the content of the post is being rendered on the site with assistance from Parsedown which formats the content to a HTML standard.

All of the information about the business' extensive services is clear and accessible to any visitor within two clicks. This is an optimal solution for this kind of high volume of information to not overwhelm a visitor that is unfamiliar with this field. A visitor will be able to quickly find information about their legal matter with a relevant CTA for their specific issue, streamlining work for the staff that are managing incoming work requests from site visitors.

Spam Prevention

As this site has an open contact form, Google's reCAPTCHA has been implemented to prevent any unwanted or automated messages from reaching the admin's inbox. This is one of the best ways to prevent bots and automated scripts from being able to send unwanted emails and messages through a public form.