Tied With a Ribbon sells quilts and patterns through a BigCommerce storefront. The site was moved to a new, custom BigCommerce template and had tools developed to help convert visitors to customers.

Lachlan has been amazing to work with, he understood my needs, communicated clearly and nothing was too much trouble. Work was completed to high standard within a fortnight. Thanks Lachlan, I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that requires help with their website.

The Brief

  • Update the front end of the site to have a more modern appearance and smoother user experience. Also heavily incorporate the brand colours throughout the site.
  • Provide more avenues for visitors to subscribe to the company's newsletter mailing lists and incentivise visitors to become subscribers.
  • Display content from the business' Instagram account on the site. The idea behind this was to clearly show the Instagram followers that the website was owned by the same person who controlled the Instagram account.

In general, the client wanted a smoother way to turn her large Instagram following into paying customers while also increasing the amount of subscribers for the site's newsletter.

The Solution

A new template in BigCommerce was created to accommodate the front end changes to the site. The brand's colours were utilised in almost every interactive element on the site. The spacing and flow of the site was focused on to make the content easier to view and distinguish interactive intent.

In order to incentivise new subscribers to the newsletter's mailing list, a free quilt pattern is now provided. This pattern is emailed directly to the new subscribers as a part of their welcome message. A subscription popup prompt was created when scrolling down on any page. To encourage subscriptions through this popup, an image of the free pattern is featured alongside. However, to prevent this popup from annoying visitors, the popup will only display once per visitor. New forms and links for subscriptions have also been added throughout the site.

The MailChimp integration was updated to include compartmentalised form that the client can display anywhere via a link. This form allows the client to give an easy subscription avenue in any situation.

The business' Instagram feed was incorporated directly onto the site itself. This method lets the Instagram followers know that the website and Instagram account are the same company. It also simplifies management of the client's Instagram content by not requiring all content be posted on Instagram, then manually added to the site. Everything on the site from Instagram is automatic so the client never needs to think about the content being included on the website.